HP multi jet fusion


HP Multi Jet Fusion is a 3D printing process that strongly resembles the polyjet 3D printing process technically. Finished components from the HP Multi Jet Fusion process have a very high density and higher precision than selective laser sintered (SLS) components. At the moment, only PA12 plastic in powder form is available as the material.

To start with, the powder material is applied to a build platform and then two different liquids are applied to it. In the areas where the component is to be created, a strongly heat-conducting liquid (fusing agent) is applied to make the material melt at these points. In the boundary areas where no component is to be created, a heat-restricting liquid (detailing agent) is applied so as to prevent melting of the material and achieve greater precision. Once the powder material has been applied and the layer has been melted, the build platform is slightly lowered and the process is repeated. Each layer has a thickness of only 0.08 mm or 80 μm. Before parts can be removed from the powder bed, it is necessary to cool down the entire powder bed.

Unmelted material can be recycled. With the melting of the polyamide, the components have a greyish color. However, it is possible to color the parts differently throughout. In a similar manner to selective laser sintering (SLS), moving parts like hinges are possible.


Stability at HP multi jet fusion Stability
Costs at HP multi jet fusion Costs
Accuracy at HP multi jet fusion Accuracy
Stability at HP multi jet fusion Special features Almost isotropic components




  • Polyamid 12 (PA12)
  • Max. Length: 360 mm
  • Max. Width: 340 mm
  • Max. Height: 256 mm
  • Min. Layer thickness: 0,08 mm
Processing methods
  • Painting
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